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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often am I expected to volunteer?

Most volunteers average 3-4 hours per week. That is one shift. We ask for aminimum commitment of 100 hours per year.

What are the minimum age requirements?

Volunteers need to be at least 16 to volunteer. Some exceptions may apply if parents and young teens volunteer together. Some programs (like Cuddlers or Hospice) require and 18 year minimum age.  This information will be discussed during interview.

What do I need to do to become a volunteer?

What do I wear when volunteering?

Volunteers are an extention of our workforce and we expect a professional appearance while volunteering. A Covenant HealthCare name badge must be worn whenever you are volunteering. A volunteer uniform (purchased by the volunteer) is required. Guidelines for dress code are presented during the onboarding process.

Can I volunteer at Covenant HealthCare for court ordered hours of service?

Covenant HealthCare does not accept volunteers requiring court ordered hours.

If I volunteer, is there a greater chance of getting a job within Covenant HealthCare?

While many of the volunteer positions at Covenant HealthCare may enhance your resume and help you gain experience, you are not guaranteed a position. Building relationships helps create connections. If you are seeking employment, go to http://covenanthealthcare.com/careers and explore open positions.

What is available for high school and college students?

High school students can apply for positions from January - March. Orientation is held in May and students start volutneering once the school year is complete. Students are placed in non-clinical roles to establish a rythm and schedule of volunteering and once established as a volunteer, can move into more patient centric roles. 

College students are offered a wide variety of positions to gain experience in a healthcare setting. Students must be able to keep and maintain a volunteer schedule.